A band called Animation

We never did the same number twice.

In the heady days of the early to mid ’90s, mostly in Brooklyn, New York, I was privileged to be a part of a unique, totally improvisational musical project called Animation. Dr. Adam Butler supplied the surgically precise percussion, Big Rob Steckman created amazing sounds on guitar, and I ranted into a sometimes effects-laden mic.

Sessions were recorded sporadically on Big Rob’s four track, mixed down by him, and he maintains the master tapes. Adam constantly introduced new percussive tools. We never did the same number twice.

Here is our not-widely-circulated demo tape for your consideration. I ask only that, if you listen, listen attentively. Preferably in a darkened room.

Side One (MP3, 22:54, 21.5MB)

  • Survival of the Strangest

Side Two (MP3, 21:31, 20.2MB)

  • Heroic Quest Shop
  • A Workingman’s Guide to Practical Satanism
  • A Cereal Experience
  • Thank You, and Good Night