Choice Hotels Call Forwarding Portal

The Call Forwarding Portal system allows users to quickly search and update participating hotels’ information and tracks strategic goals via easily exported reports.¬†

One of the largest and most successful lodging companies in the world, Choice Hotels has an expansive call-forwarding program for participating hotels. I was brought in to develop a new version of the database system team members use to track hotel information and generate reports for sales efforts.

Notable features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Three user levels:
    • “Viewers” can see records and export reports, but not make changes
    • “Editors” can also update hotel and toll-free number records
    • “Admins” can also manage users, create custom reports, and customize available fields in records
  • Admins can configure all fields in terms of format (such as text, text area, dropdown, or date picker) and order of display in search results and forms
  • Admins can create rules for determining when fields become required based on other data entered
  • Admins can create custom reports featuring any of the system’s data for download in a nicely formatted Excel spreadsheet:
  • Admins can also batch-update (or import) hotel records from an Excel spreadsheet, matching column headers to available target fields via a series of dropowns:
  • A comprehensive logging system tracks all changes whether made manually or via a spreadsheet import:
  • System features an admin-editable message on login to let users know of new procedures or other system/policy updates

The project took about three months to complete. Client testimonial:

My company brought on Charles to refurbish a simple program database. He submerged himself in the project to learn about my program, and how we function. He then took those learnings and applied them to not only meet my business need, but he improved my database adding features that enhanced my program!
РStephanie Hartman, Manager, Reservation Sales & Call Forwarding Operations

Tools used:

  • PHP
  • SQL Server
  • PDO queries
  • PHPExcel library
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • JSON